Formerly known as Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder & Rhyneer Caylor Clinic.

David Norris running in the mountains.

Catching up with David Norris

Let us know what you have been up to.

Due to the current state of the world, my summer has been relatively simple. I have practice twice a day Monday through Saturday, and I’ve been doing online bookkeeping and accounting work for local companies between training sessions. Until hunting season I didn’t do too much extra beyond training, working, and spending time with a few close friends. I’ve enjoyed the simplicity and think its an ideal lifestyle for training a lot; I’ve been able to get quality sessions and recovery in while keeping busy with work. Since August 10th I’ve enjoyed going on some sheep hunts, but unfortunately I never saw a legal ram- so I will have to wait until next year to try again!

Have you shifted your goals during the pandemic?

My athletic goals haven’t changed as a result of the pandemic, but they have shifted slightly. With the uncertainty of this upcoming season I have relied less on short-term goals for motivation and I am now focusing on the long-term preparation for the Olympic season. Regardless of how this winter plays out I know I can still improve my fitness and skills and be ready for whatever this season turns into.

How do you stay motivated in your training given the current situation?

I love training, and I know I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to exercise 20-30 hours a week. I rarely lack motivation, but I am also surrounded by great teammates who definitely help contribute to my high level of motivation. I always have someone to join me on an epic mountain run or rollerski. I am really motivated by the goals I have to for the 2022 Olympics. I had a great opportunity to qualify for the 2018 Olympics and I severely under performed at the trials. I don’t want to allow that to happen in 2022 so that keeps a fire lit inside of me whenever I am struggling to get out the door for a long workout in the rain.

What lesson has 2020 taught you?

2020 pre-pandemic taught me that I can actually accomplish some of my loftier goals. I had a few of my best races last winter and I was really encouraged by what I accomplished. The 2020 pandemic has taught me to focus on what is within my control- and do those things as well as I can. Initially, the uncertainty of everything in March through May weighed on me, but after a while I just found my groove and have tried to put my energy towards the things that I can control each day- such as training, working, recovery, communicating with friends and family.

What are you most looking forward to for 2021?

If the ski season happens without any Covid complications I am really excited about World Championships in Obersdorf, Germany. Championship weeks are my favorite. The team gets to the venue usually a week prior to the start date of the Championships. It is one of the rare times on the road that we get to settle into a our hotel rooms for more than six days. Once the races kick off there is the best type of excitement and stress surrounding the week. I really enjoy this type of atmosphere and my anticipation for racing in Germany has been fuel for my summer training this year.