Formerly known as Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder & Rhyneer Caylor Clinic.

Orthopedic Care in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska’s Top Orthopedic Specialists Under One Roof

Our Specialties

Our diverse, highly specialized providers have teamed up to deliver premier orthopedic care to the Alaskan community in a compassionate, patient-focused environment. We treat both upper and lower extremities and have extensive experience in offering personalized orthopedic care in sports medicine, orthopedic trauma, joint replacement, and revision surgery.

Orthopedic doctor examines patient hand

Hand iconHand

A hand injury can cause debilitating pain, numbness, and limited movement. Our expert hand surgeons are experienced in treating a wide range of hand issues including arthritis, tendonitis, and more.

Orthopedic doctor examines patient wrist

Wrist iconWrist

Traumatic wrist injuries are one of the most common reasons patients see an orthopedic surgeon. We can treat carpal tunnel syndrome, scaphoid fractures, and other common wrist conditions.

Orthopedic patient holds injured elbow

Elbow iconElbow

An elbow injury can bring a quick end to your ski season or even put you out of work. If your elbow has become painful or difficult to move make an appointment with our experienced orthopedic specialists.

Orthopedic doctor examines patient shoulder

Shoulder iconShoulder

Your shoulders are the most mobile joint in your body and can be injured when throwing a ball or reaching overhead. Our specialized team treats arthritis, dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and other common injuries.

Orthopedic doctor examines patient knee

Knee iconKnee

Your knees are the largest joint in your body and help keep you up on your feet. We specialize in treating meniscus tears, tendonitis, knee arthritis, fractures, and other issues that keep you from an active life.

Orthopedic patient holds injured hip

Hip iconHip

Your hips are a ball and socket joint that support your body weight and allow you to complete complex legs movements. We treat hip injuries and conditions such as hip fractures, dislocations, and arthritis.

Orthopedic doctor examines patient foot

Foot & Ankle iconFoot & Ankle

Your feet and ankles are made up of many joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Injuries can make standing, walking, running, or jumping painful. We treat arthritis, fractures, sprains, and more.

Orthopedic patient skis Alaskan mountains

Sports Medicine iconSports Medicine

Alaskans live hard and play even harder. An active lifestyle can lead to falls, overuse injuries, sprains or strains, and more. Our team specializes in sports medicine and can help you keep doing the things you love.

Orthopedic patient holds injured hand

Fracture and Trauma iconFractures

Orthopedic trauma care is a cornerstone of what we do at Alaska Orthopedic Specialists. We treat emergent fractures, sprains, dislocations, and more so you can get back in the wild faster.

Orthopedic doctor holds joint replacement model

Joint Replacement and Revisions iconJoint Replacement

When joints can become painful and dysfunctional, we can use state-of-the-art technology to help. We perform total and partial hip, knee, and shoulder replacements to restore vitality and movement to your joints.

Robert Thomas is a highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuinely caring provider who goes above and beyond to help his patients. His clinical and surgical skills are exceptional. He is detail oriented, listens to his patients, and creates a plan of care to help them get back to what matters to them the most. His sense of humor and inspiring positive attitude no matter the situation is a double cherry on top!