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Joint Replacement and Revisions

Your joints experience wear and tear over time, and sometimes the pain and disability caused by inflammation and degradation over time can be too much to bear. Arthritis, injuries, congenital conditions can seriously impede movement in your joints and make It difficult, if not impossible, to continue doing the activities you love.

If nonsurgical options are not successful in managing your pain and your quality of life is being compromised, our doctors may recommend a joint replacement. This procedure involves removing the damaged or arthritic part of your joint and replacing it with a prosthetic. We offer total hip replacements, knee replacement, and shoulder replacement options. We also offer revision surgeries, which is performed on a previous joint replacement that has developed issues and needs adjustment.

A joint replacement is a major procedure, but we offer minimally invasive options that offer a reduced recovery time. Our clinic is home to some of the most experienced joint replacement surgeons in the state. After a successful procedure, you can expect improved functioning and reduced pain for generally 10 to 15 years.

Orthopedic doctor holds artificial joing

Hip iconHip Replacement

A hip replacement may be a good option if you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, or other common hip issues. The procedure normally lasts about 60 to 90 minutes with a rest period of up to six weeks.

Direct Anterior
Hip Replacement

The most common type of hip replacement we do. It is a minimally invasive procedure that often contributes to faster healing time and a slightly decreased risk of future dislocations.

Hip Replacement

The recommended surgical option for patients with a larger BMI or with certain types of bone quality.


Procedures done for previous hip replacements that are infected, fractured, or degraded.

Knee iconKnee Replacement

Severe knee pain can make activities like squatting down and walking difficult, which can seriously limit your movement and lead to a sedentary lifestyle. We offer several knee replacement surgeries to help increase mobility in your knees and dramatically reduce pain.

Total Knee

With this procedure, we replace the major weightbearing components of the knee. We’ll resurface patella and add spacers between implants.

Partial Knee

Rather than replace the entire knee, we replace only the damaged portion of the knee. This procedure often allows for better range of motion and a faster recovery time.

Knee Replacement

If a previous knee replacement starts to manifest issues, such as instability, wear, infection, or fracture, we can perform a revision surgery to restore functioning.

Shoulder iconShoulder Replacement

While not as common as hip and knee replacements, different types of arthritis, poor blood supply, previous injuries, and chronic severe rotator cuff tears can also make shoulder replacement necessary.

Traditional Total
Shoulder Replacement

We replace the entire shoulder joint, substituting the head and socket of the shoulder with a metal ball and plastic socket.

Reverse Total
Shoulder Replacement

A common option for arthritis caused by severe rotator cuff tears, this procedure reversed the ball and socket positions.


A minimally invasive method which involves our doctors removing only the ball portion of the joint.