Formerly known as Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder & Rhyneer Caylor Clinic.

Alaska Orthopedic Specialists

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Small Practice, Personalized Orthopedic Care

Cutting Edge Orthopedics With a Refreshingly Human Approach

Alaska Orthopedic Specialists was founded in 2021 as a merger combining the expertise of Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder (AKHES) and Rhyneer Caylor Clinic. Our focus continues to be personalized, orthopedic care for you and your family, but now we have even more experienced providers to attend to all your needs.

Our friendly staff welcomes patients of all ages — from infants to elderly adults. We offer comprehensive services, including orthopedic diagnoses and treatment for both lower and upper extremities, fractures, joint replacement, joint revision surgery, and sports medicine. Our providers offer a combined specialty to give you the best care in Alaska so you can get back to the active lifestyle you know and love.

Our Comprehensive Orthopedic Specialties

From head to toe, we’re here for you.

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Our Providers

Our Values

We strive to care for each of our patients like family. We make it our mission to not just fix injuries and get patients out the door but to heal people. You’ll have the chance to meet with your doctor from the first visit and always be treated with respect. We know you are more than the boxes checked on a form. Don’t be boxed in.

Orthopedic doctor shows patient scans of fracture in Anchorage, Alaska
Orthopedic patients ride fat tire bikes next to a glacier in Alaska

We pride ourselves on our values:

• You are not just a patient but a part of our family.
• You are more than an injury; you are a unique and complex individual.
• You are not just a number.
• You can see the doctor on your very first visit.
• We will assess your concerns.
• We will listen and answer your questions.
• We will alleviate your fears.
• We will help you feel at ease and comfortable in our office.
• We will give you the best orthopedic care without the corporate feel.
• We will offer unique solutions.

I wish there was a better way to thank you and your entire staff: front, middle, and back, for all you have done for us. Your office has set the bar incredibly high for any and all future medical professionals I will deal with in the future. Each and every member of your staff has been kind and patient, courteous and helpful in every interaction we had, for two years. Thank you all very much!

Dan, Shoulder Patient