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Dr. Michael McNamara, Martin Buser, and Joanne at the 2015 Musher’s Banquet

2016 Iditarod Sled Dog Race Part 1

Each year, we are thrilled to support our friend and seasoned Iditarod veteran, Martin Buser.  Martin is a four-time Iditarod champion with 29 consecutive Iditarod finishes, and 31 total finishes. Although he is a spirited racer and a strong competitor in the Iditarod, what makes Martin Buser a true champion is his fortitude and endurance in spite of circumstance.

For those who have not yet heard, one of Martin’s two sons, Nikolai Buser, was in a terrible car accident on January 22nd that landed him in critical condition at Harborview Trauma Center in Seattle, WA. Nikolai had 8 surgeries in 11 days. Up until about a week ago, Martin was at Nikolai’s bedside, comforting and encouraging Nikolai in his long recovery process. Martin recently flew back to Alaska to complete final preparations for this year’s 2016 Iditarod while his wife, Kathy, remains with Nikolai. Thus, it is with much enthusiasm that we proudly cheer on Nikolai Buser in his recovery process, as well as Martin Buser in his 32nd Iditarod sled dog race!

To follow Martin’s journey to Nome, visit the Iditarod website, and to learn more about Martin, visit his website.

Let’s go Team Buser!